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Keep vital information at your fingertips with the best selling CDI Pocket Guide now for ICD-10-AM and AR-DRGs.  Everything you need to know to achieve excellence in clinical documentation, coding and DRG assignment.





Benefits of CDI Pocket Guide

Keep your coding and CDI practice up to date with the latest release of the essential CDI Pocket Guide ICD-10-AM by Jenny Fitzpatrick, Sam Heynemann, Dr. Richard Pinson and Cynthia Tang.


Proven Value

For over 13 years, the CDI Pocket Guide has been the essential, go-to resource for anyone involved in clinical documentation improvement – don’t be without it!

Overcome Challenges

We address the issues of both clinical documentation and coding so that coding and CDI specialists can meet the on-going challenges of clinical documentation.


KEEP Up To Date

We capture pertinent changes in clinical diagnostic standards, coding guidelines, ICD-10-AM codes, HACs, etc. and explain in a way that everyone can easily understand.

Easy to Use

The CDI Pocket Guide is “pocket-sized” so it is easy to search through and learn from. Keeping it simple and focusing on what matters is our motto.

About the Authors

As the field of CDI has emerged in Australia, Jenny Fitzpatrick and Sam Heynemann of the Uplift Group recognised the need for a resource for the Australian context. When they found the original CDI Pocket Guide™, they reached out to Cynthia and Richard, and together these four seasoned experts created the CDI Pocket Guide™ for ICD-10-AM and AR-DRGs.

Sam Heynemann

BHlthSc(MedClass) & BHlthInfoMgt

Uplift Group Director, Sam Heynemann, has a strong interest in health classification, casemix analysis, and its application to health care funding. As a qualified Health Information Manager, he has utilised his skills in stakeholder engagement, health classification and casemix funding, data analysis, and reporting. His work has successfully produced comprehensive audit reports and education for both non-clinical and clinical staff and executive teams.

Prior to Uplift, Sam spent several years working as a Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist. He provided education to relevant hospital personnel on casemix and revenue integrity issues relating to documentation deficiencies in both public and private hospital settings.

Sam successfully facilitated the implementation of a pilot CDI program in Australia’s second-largest private hospital network. He looks forward to sharing his frontline experience in Clinical Documentation Improvement programs and promote the idea of how such programs can be impactful for hospital clinical coding and reimbursement opportunities.

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