Keep vital information at your fingertips with the new Second Edition CDI Pocket Guide® for ICD-10-AM. Updated for ACS 12th Edition and with even more DRG Tips, Complex Diagnosis Tables, Key References, and more!

The new CDI Pocket Guide® has everything you need to know to achieve excellence in clinical documentation, coding and DRG assignment.

Clinical Document Improvement (CDI) Services 

Experienced professionals in clinical documentation improvement that support organisations to achieve better quality outcomes and revenue integrity.
Our team has played an integral part in facilitating the evolution of CDI in Australia and developing resources to empower individuals and equip them with the best tools to achieve success.
Looking to empower your clinical coding, auditing and CDI staff? We’re here to help.
Our highly acclaimed CDI Pocket Guide addresses the daily complexities of coding and clinical documentation. The ultimate goal is not just more accurate coding and better reimbursement, but improved quality and outcomes for both clinician and hospital.
Get in contact with us today to discuss how we can be supporting your organisation onsite or from our secure offices.

“Have confidence in your organisations health data output & Information”

“Acheive higher quality revenue integrity and clinical coding assurance for Australian hospitals”

“Ensure your hospital is being appropriately reimbursed for the services provided”

“Bridge the gap between key members of your clinical and non-clinical teams”

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