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Sam Heynemann

Health Information Manager

BHlthSc(MedClass) & BHlthInfoMgt

Uplift Group Director, Sam Heynemann, has a strong interest in health classification, casemix analysis, and its application to health care funding. As a qualified Health Information Manager, he has utilised his skills in stakeholder engagement, health classification and casemix funding, data analysis, and reporting. His work has successfully produced comprehensive audit reports and education for both non-clinical and clinical staff and executive teams.

Prior to Uplift, Sam spent several years working as a Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist. He provided education to relevant hospital personnel on casemix and revenue integrity issues relating to documentation deficiencies in both public and private hospital settings.

Sam successfully facilitated the implementation of a pilot CDI program in Australia’s second-largest private hospital network. He looks forward to sharing his frontline experience in Clinical Documentation Improvement programs and promote the idea of how such programs can be impactful for hospital clinical coding and reimbursement opportunities.

Jenny Fitzpatrick

Health Information Manager

BAppSc (HIM)

Uplift Group Director, Jenny Fitzpatrick, has maintained an active presence across Victorian hospitals for twenty years as a qualified Health Information Manager. She is also a proud member of the Health Information Management Association of Australia (HIMAA).

Jenny’s professional experience and expert knowledge of clinical coding, casemix analysis, and Health Information Management have supported both private and public healthcare organisations to ensure high-quality revenue integrity and clinical coding practices.

A major part of Jenny’s career comprises of providing senior leadership across high performing Health Information Management departments in several organisations. She has facilitated a learning and development culture that attracts and retains high-quality staff.

Jenny also holds a Certificate of External and Internal Clinical Coding Auditing from La Trobe University. This qualification is held only by a select, experienced number of Health Information Managers who possess advanced knowledge, analysis skills, and reporting aptitudes related to auditing competency. The credentials ensure accuracy of national and state morbidity collections funding, financial justification, and accountability. Her involvement in numerous revenue optimisation projects, clinical coding audits, and clinical documentation improvement initiatives has led to significant revenue uplift across multiple healthcare facilities.

Uplift Group Australia stands at the forefront of health information management with a strong passion for delivering outstanding clinical coding, auditing, consultancy, and support services. Now with a team of over 20 and still growing – we work across Australia and internationally to support public and private hospitals.

High-quality clinical documentation remains at the core of the revenue cycle of any healthcare organisation, as it directly impacts the clinical coding process and DRG assignment. To achieve better results, organisations that invest in improving the quality of clinical documentation and coding accuracy are expected to increase their reimbursement potential based on the services afforded to their patients.

Uplift Group is a trusted provider of solutions for high-quality revenue integrity and clinical coding activities – In other words, we’re here to help!

Uplift consists of experienced professionals working as Chief Health Information Managers, Coding Auditors, Educators, Senior Lecturers at La Trobe University, and we hold certificates of External and Internal Clinical Coding Auditing (La Trobe University). Further, our network includes certified Clinical Documentation Specialists – an emerging profession that plays an essential component of the revenue system of any healthcare organisation!

Our group serves as an attractive option for healthcare organisations as we are industry experienced. With expert knowledge in health classification, we also understand its unique requirements for regulatory compliance.

Contact us to know more and discuss how we can support your organisation onsite or from our secure offices.

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