Providing higher quality revenue integrity and clinical coding assurance.
Clinical Coding, Auditing & Revenue Optimisation


High quality clinical documentation remains an essential component of the revenue cycle of any healthcare organisation as it directly impacts on the clinical coding process and DRG assignment. To this end, organisations that invest in improving both the quality of clinical documentation and clinical coding accuracy will increase their reimbursement potential appropriate for the services afforded to their patients.

Uplift Group provides the solution to higher quality revenue integrity and clinical coding assurance. We are a group of qualified, experienced Health Information Managers with a passion for high quality clinical coding assurance, improving clinical documentation to accurately reflect the complexity of a hospital’s casemix, and revenue optimisation.

Our group provides an attractive option for organisations given our industry experience and intimate knowledge of health classification and its unique requirements for regulatory compliance.


High level knowledge of health classification in acute settings


Extensive industry experience working in public and private sectors as Health Information Managers


Certified Clinical Documentation Specialists & Certified Clinical Coding Auditors


Clinical coding audit & revenue optimisation experience



Our experience auditing both internally and externally will be used to identify commonly missed conditions within particular MDCs and medical specialties. These commonly missed conditions often directly impact on the DRG assignment and subsequently create complications with revenue integrity.

Revenue Optimisation

Clinical Coding & Auditing Assurance

Clinical Documentation Improvement

Opportunity for education and corrective measures

Our services will assist organisations to improve clinical coding competency as well as identify the common deficiencies in documentation that results in incorrect DRG assignment. These outcomes will help accelerate future revenue optimisation opportunities for organisations and will provide information needed to facilitate education related to clinical documentation improvement.

``Achieving higher quality revenue integrity and clinical coding assurance for Australian hospitals.``



A network of qualified Health Information Managers, Clinical Coders, Auditors & Clinical Documentation Specialists available subject to the needs of any sized organisation or assignment.
Premium Clinical Coding
Remote & On-site Services
Experienced, credentialed Health Information Managers & Clinical Coding professionals producing high quality, timely and efficient clinical coding across all record types, casemix specialities and hospital settings.
Our network prides itself on maintaining industry experience to assign accurate ICD-10-AM, ACHI codes and DRG grouping according to Australian Coding Standards and Sate and National Coding Advice.
Quality Auditing & Revenue Optimisation
Remote & On-site Services
Uplift’s network provides concurrent and retrospective auditing services by seasoned auditors - many of whom possessing certificates in External and Internal Clinical Coding Auditing. Our audits focus on identifying missed revenue opportunities, quality improvement and clinical documentation integrity. Ensuring hospitals maintain the highest quality and accuracy in coded data validation, DRG allocation and coding compliance is Uplift’s passion.
Expert Clinical Documentation Specialists
Remote & On-site Services
Certified specialists in clinical documentation improvement assist with auditing and identifying opportunities for undiagnosed, vague or discordant conditions that impact on the DRG allocation of patient episodes. Our Clinical Documentation Specialists are also integral in bridging the gap between the language clinical teams use within the medical record and what is required from a health classification standpoint.

Have confidence in your organisation's health data output

Ensure your hospital is being appropriately reimbursed for the services it provides

Bridge the gap between key members of your clinical and non-clinical teams



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